Testing for Vital Signs-Taking Wristband from Google Underway

A new gadget wrapped around the wrist for monitoring patient’s health is now in the testing phase at Google.


The “investigational device”, made by Google aims to help doctors monitor the health conditions of their patients anytime, anywhere.


The wristband is capable of obtaining vital statistics, like the electrocardiogram. Also, it is capable of assessing potential stressors in the environment for the patient, like the intensity of noise and sunlight.


The wristband could also spot mobility changes in a person, and in turn heart attack patients can be made to put the wristband on upon being discharged from the hospital.


This technology is hoped to pave the way for physicians to obtain medical-grade data on a perpetual basis, in order to better manage those with conditions that need serious monitoring.


The watch created works by measuring electrical pulses of the skin temperature and the heart.


Other doctors, however, have criticized the device, claiming that heart rate would be difficult to measure correctly from the wrist.  Also, muscles, vascular structure, and tendons are believed to affect the way heart rate and other vital statistics are measured during periods of intense activity.


The wristband is currently in the experimental phase and is part of the creations of the life sciences team of Google X labs. The said laboratory is also responsible for other innovations like internet balloons and driverless cars.


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