Solar Impulse 2 Arrives in Spain

While solar energy is not a new field and is already used commercially, its application on aircrafts is one which is currently in its experimental phase. The Solar Impulse 2, is one of the first of these solar powered airplanes in the world, and is currently embarking on a journey which would take it across various parts of the globe.

At present, officials at Switzerland have informed the public that the Solar Impulse 2 has just completed its 15th leg on a planned world-wide tour, which started in March last year in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This particular trip lasted 70 hours, and originated in New York, USA on Monday. The plane’s batteries and propellers are powered by as much as 17,000 solar cells, and is capable of travelling at night, thanks to a storing energy feature. These solar cells are all placed within the massive wings of the said aircraft, which are larger than that of the Boeing 747.

The validation of the flight records of Solar Impulse 2 are all done by the Aero-Club of Switzerland.

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