Self-Driving Cars to be a reality by 2021

BMW, in a joint venture with Intel (INTC, Tech 30), and Mobileye (MBLY), a company for computer vision based in Israel, is set to establish a platform for a brand new breed of vehicles. The official announcement was set to be this Friday, at the headquarters of BMW in Munich.

The joint venture is considered to be a remarkable technological advancement, and works by giving BMW’s customers a great driving experience with the use of brand new concepts for optimum mobility.

The upcoming iNEXT model shall serve as the starter for the next generation of cars for vehicles with full automation features, which are capable of driving in various types of terrain, no matter how smooth or rough. Despite the full automation, however, the basic elements such as the pedals and steering will are expected to remain, should the driver wish to still be in control. The full adaptation is expected to happen within half a decade, with automation to be done by just pressing a button.

This collaboration among the companies is expected to serve as the building blocks of a different business model. The platform they would launch will be open to other car manufacturers and other industries that could make use of the said technology. There are several companies which have expressed interest in the potential of these type of vehicles, with large ones such as GM, a start-up in Silicon Valley and Toyota, all having committed and invested on artificial intelligence and automation of their products.

Despite concerns about the safety of these vehicles being raised, after some accidents involving the autopilot features of cars, experts still claim that self-driving vehicles are beneficial when it comes to reducing the number of vehicular accidents that happen.

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