Protests Filed Against Apple’s Patented Technology

Apple has recently been given a patent for its new technology which enables video blocking through infrared, but the public has filed petitions against its use.

Activists, staunch political critics, and ordinary citizens alike have teamed up against the full implementation of the video-blocking feature previously patented by Apple. While initially thought of as a way of stopping users from filming live events such as concerts, which a lot of artists have openly spoken against, others fear that it can be used by governments and local police to disable user’s cameras.
The technology, which makes use of infrared to block cameras, according to those who have filed the petition, may be used by governments to censor its citizens who may document brutality and other crimes done by law enforcement themselves.
In recent years, recording of videos and taking of pictures through phones have been used to broadcast and make various crimes known, and the full implementation of this technology may prevent this from being done in the future.
As much as 8,000 people have signed up for the petition. Apple has not yet given any further comments on this matter.

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