Old File-Sharing Website May Return in 2017

Kim Dotcom, the tech businessman based in Germany, and the one who established previously popular Megaupload, has announced the return of his site in January 2017.

Founded In 2005, the unique online hub for file storage and sharing, at its peak reached a record 150 million users, with as much as 50 million people checking the website out on a daily basis, making it rank as high as 13th among the world’s most visited websites.

For the announced 2017 launch, former users may have their accounts reinstated, plus premium benefits. Furthermore, bitcoins may be integrated into the announced website.

This comes after its closure in 2012, when through the intervention of the US government, the webpage was eventually taken down over piracy issues.

On January 20, 2012, New Zealand police raided Dotcom’s home, upon collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the U.S. According to law enforcement from the U.S., Megaupload higher ups owe record and film producers greater than $500 million, and have earned greater than $175 million, through allowing its users to both share and store materials which are under copyright laws, including TV shows and various multimedia files.

Dotcom, however, defended that his site is merely a storage system, and therefore he should not be held responsible if users decide to store and share pirated files.

As of the moment however, Dotcom has not released any further details.




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