New Subwoofer Device Lets You Feel the Beat – Literally

The most common mechanism employed by earphone manufacturers in order for the music coming out of their earphones to sound as close to that of a live venue as possible is to oversaturate lower frequencies, making it sound like the bass you would hear at a live venue.

While it may be approved by some, however, it usually leaves a response or output audio which sounds unclear and bloated.

If you’re one of these, one solution is offered by LoFelt, a company based in Berlin. This is the Basslet, a vibrating subwoofer you can wear, thus allowing you to feel the beat of the music. It does not alter or deteriorate track fidelity, and it works by emitting haptic feedback everytime the music plays.

This haptic feedback engine is wearable on your wrist, and is able to give users the full spectrum for bass frequency, giving them the option to adjust as to how much bass they actually want to experience. The set-up is as easy as connecting it to any audio source with a headphone jack, and works with a variety of devices to generate the deep rumbles and that distinct set of sounds and frequencies of the bass.

The device is so lightweight, that others who have already tried it out are able to enjoy and appreciate the virtual surround sound application. Promotion is based on how many people choose to support the product launch, and you can opt to pledge $112, reserving you a Basslet for just have the price. The funding campaign to kickstart funding is doing well at the moment.


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