“Megaprocessor” Constructed in Cambridge

Projection: Cylindrical (1) FOV: 227 x 78 Ev: 6.71

James Newman, a digital electronics engineer has just completed the construction of a “Megaprocessor” in his humble home in Cambridge.

With its construction starting out in 2012, and primarily used to play Tetris, the “Megaprocessor”, as Newman likes to call it, was constructed using 40,000 transistors, up to 10 000 LED Lights, and weighs a massive 500kg. Its function and capabilities is similar to that of a microprocessor as small as a chip, and he admits to spending a whopping £40,000, or $53,000 just to create the said computer.

The project was the result of Newman wanting to have a better understanding on how transistors and microprocessors work. The LEDs work by lighting up with every task performed.

He openly admits to other smaller processors being able to do a lot more, but he also takes pride in the aesthetic appeal of his machine, being surrounded by a lot of LEDs.

Despite being unsure on whether someone would want to buy it, he wants it to serve educational purposes, and is thinking about opening his home in the future for those who want to have a look at his creation.


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