Apple’s HomePod and Its Cool Features

The music-focused, Siri-powered device, costing around $349, will join in a progressively crowded list of smart speakers in December.

Apple revealed at its WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) the HomePod on Monday. Even though Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president, talked about music features, HomePod’sSiri feature and its capability to manipulate devices on the company’s HomeKit smart home service all through his presentation, Apple only gave a live demonstration of HomePod’s audio quality. That is why tech enthusiasts do not really know much about Apple’s new speaker. There are a lot of questions concerning the HomePod. And here are some of its unrevealed features that may come.

Door Lock Control

The company showed a register of commands for Siri for managing HomeKit smart home devices. However, it seems that smart lock commands were absent.

Recently, you can unlock and lock the August Smart Lock using Siri on your iPhone. You can also do it with Alexa Speakers. Though, you will still need to fix a 4-digit PIN code for unlocking the door. Google’s Home supports securing and inquiring for the lock status is supposed to be launched sooner this year.

In order to prevent thieves from controlling the August Smart Lock from a stolen phone, your Apple device will require a password before it will allow you to release a Siri unlock order. But the question is, how will this operate with Apple’s HomePod speaker?

The CEO and founder of August posted on Twitter after the event saying that HomeKit feature built-in Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge for the August Smart Lock. This leads to a speculation that you will not need the August Connect accessory anymore to convert to Wi-Fi remote control from HomeKit smart lock. The tweet is not a clear sign or confirmation of Siri-powered lock control via HomePod. Unfortunately, the tweet has been deleted. However, it does confirm that Apple’s HomePod has a lot more capabilities that what have mentioned at WWDC.

Bluetooth Support

The company referred the compatibility of the HomePod with AirPlay 2 and Apple Music at WWDC. However, they didn’t tell if it is compatible in streaming from other devices via Bluetooth. Its competitor, the Echo, can do it. Also, Google announced an upcoming Bluetooth support in May. Bluetooth integration will not only make the HomePod accessible to non-Apple customers. It would also allow audio playing from iOS or Android Devices, theoretically.


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