New MacBooks To Be Unveiled By Apple


Apple will be releasing their new Mac personal computers next week, specifically on October 27. We all know what a long time it is since Apple released a new line of computers and with the recent release of MacOS Sierra last September, a lot of rumors have been spreading regarding the said gadget to be released.

The said release will be held on October 27 in Cupertino, California near or on the Apple Campus. Know that a day before the release, Microsoft will also hold an event to provide updates on new software installations and the Windows 10. A lot of Macbook users are really happy with the announcement since there were a lot of speculations about the new Macs and they believe that their questions will be answered on the said event on the 27th of October.

The most accurate rumor about the new Macs is probably the 13 inch Macbook Air models with USB C-ports and a new Macbook Pro with a fancy digital display directly above the keyboard. Other rumored updates include an OLED strip along the keyboard which provides customizable keys for more functionality, a night mode which is highly similar to the iOS that reduces the blue light being emitted and finally Touch ID or another form of biometric authentication.

With the PC market continuing its downhill slope, Apple will be best by serving a new array of Macbooks to offer to their patrons. They are well aware that the earlier the event will be, the better news it is for the said company, giving the fact that a lot of manufactures and producers, like Dell and HP, are equally producing attracting alternatives for the said gadget.

Apple Macs, except the Macbooks, have not been updated for a year.

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