iPhone 7 Rumored Features: Longer Battery Life

With the probably release of the iPhone 7 this September, more and more features are being leaked. The upcoming version of the iPhone is said to have a battery with a better capacity, as a supposed means to address persistent clamor on the short battery life of the iPhone.

Based on a tweet by OnLeaks, the iPhone 7 is slated to have a relatively larger battery than earlier versions. Furthermore, the phone is said to have a 1960 mAh battery, which is a slightly larger rating than that of the iPhone 6, which has a 1715 mAh battery.

What remains uncertain however, is whether the battery will be used to power up components which consume high power, or it will allow the phone to stay on longer. One of the previous forms of addressing this particular problem was through launching a Smart Battery Case specially crafted for the iPhone 6 and all its versions.

Moreover, Apple has also been trying through the years to improve software efficiency in an effort to conserve more power.

Other rumoured changes for the iPhone 7 include the removal of the mute button and headphone jack.



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