Xbox’s Final Form: The Xbox Scorpio

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, has posted a minor comment which convinced a lot of gamers that Project Scorpio of Microsoft will be called Xbox 10 S.

Another shocking news is that the device will function as gaming PC with a Windows 10 operating system designed for your house’s living room. It is indeed a huge claim. However, there is some evidence that could support the said rumor.

Reasons for the Speculation

First of all, even before the original Xbox created, the company has been discussing the merging of Windows software and entertainment in the living room. Microsoft’s gaming consoles have constantly been like a secret weapon. Because of the reveal of the company’s Xbox One, their secret strategy became known to the public.

The Xbox team has stayed on a tour of regret since then. They are trying to win the heart of their betrayed fans back by refocusing on games. On the other hand, Microsoft has gradually placed the groundwork for the follow up of their Xbox one, which is the Project Scorpio. This has built much excitement for the device over a year by assuring the fans to have the most dominant console on the gaming market.

But a lot of people wondered if the hardware will do several else since Microsoft will try to make a dominant PC will be right next to the couch. If the company will indeed make the Xbox 10 S as a dominant living room PC, the device could turn into more than just a streaming device or a gaming machine.

Spencer has also been determinedly pushing out to clear the line between Windows 10 PC and Xbox one. It seems that Project Scorpio will be the merging point.

Xbox 10 S

An E3 teaser that was posted by Microsoft yesterday revealed the name Xbox 10 S. The teaser displayed a message “X10S101-317” on the stage with a crowded people. The message somehow showed some hidden details. If you split the characters X10S, this could give the name Xbox 10 S. The other numbers“101317”, could denote October 13, 2017.

The name would really be appropriate for Microsoft’s Windows 10 S. This is the company’s newly revealed operating system. New programs that are downloaded from the official Windows Store will be run by the new Windows 10 S. This will allow the company to control what can’t and can be placed in the console.

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