Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 Gold and Silver Edition

Sony has revealed that it will be launching a PlayStation 4 consoles with a limited edition gold and silver colorways later this month.

The limited edition console will be available to Europe in both gold and silvers. However, the gold version will be the only available one in North America. Sony is also launching a new set of controllers, which are DualShock 4 to counterpart the shiny finishes.

If you are living in the United States, you should not worry about only getting the gold version. This is because the consoles to be released in the U.S. will have a 1 TB hard drive. On the other hand, consoles in Europe will only have 500 GB hard drive.

Sony Celebrating the Upcoming E3

This move by Sony really struck a lot of PlayStation fans. As stated by Polygon, releasing a limited edition consoles is a move by the company to commemorate the upcoming E3 expo.  Aside from the silver and golden PlayStation 4 consoles, Sony is also offering a lot of discounts on their accessories and games. This sale will last from the 9th of June up to June 17.

During the sale, the limited edition golden PlayStation 4 will be sold at around $249. The price will become around $299 after the sale ends.

Because these consoles are limited edition only, both won’t be available for long. So if you want to have one for your own, you should act fast.

Unfortunately, the company did not reveal the games and accessories that will be on sale. However, the good news is that players will not have to wait much longer.

Why is the Silver PlayStation 4 Console Not Available in the United States?

A lot of fans can’t wait for the release of PlayStation 4’s limited edition consoles. However, fans from North America finds it a little bit unfair for only having a limited choice.

According to Polygon, a representative from Sony confirmed that the reason why North America can only have the gold PS4 is because it is part of their Days of Play promotion. That is where the big difference between North America and Europe start.

First and foremost, the promotion will last from June 9 up to June 17. This gives North American-based fans to get the gold PS4 at its discounted price. This discounted price is not guaranteed to be available in Europe.

Another reason is that the gold PS4 in North America will have a 1 TB hard drive. Another difference in Europe.


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