Important Features That the PlayStation 4 Pro Should Have  


We all love and adore our Playstation 4 or PS4 for short but let’s be honest, we still want it to improve on some factors and features so that our gaming experience will be better. The Playstation 4 is an innovative way of enjoying games and the other functions they provide us with. Plus, it cannot be denied that the Playstation 4 is similar or have a lot of similarities to the Xbox One, so if the PS4 does not amp itself in terms of providing a quality gaming experience. With that said here are different factors and features to guide us.

Features Playstation 4 should have

Controllers that are sturdier

We must admit that the controller of this console is better than the past models, from Playstation1 to Playstation 3. But, it still remains to be one of the worst parts of the console because with constant usage and gaming, the rubber analogs will slowly wear off making it hard to control the game.

Faster online stores

Another downside of the PS 4 is their internet connection. It takes an inconsiderate amount of time to download a game or a movie. In comparison with the Xbox One, the Playstation 4 has a really slow internet. The company has to offer ways in order to increase their internet speed.

Other factors and features that needs to be improved in a Playstation 4 are online stability, the ability to change a username and also to be able to pin their games.

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