E3 2017: Sony Beats Microsoft Again

Microsoft vs Sony, Xbox vs PlayStation. Every year at E3 this is what people see. A head to head match against these 2 gaming consoles. All the other companies can get attention in their own way.

However, Sony and Microsoft seems to be locked in a combat and only one will emerge victorious every year.

In 2017, Microsoft started with a huge advantage. The company had something to show off. The Project Scorpio which is also known as the Xbox one X. On the other hand, Sony went to the stage and again took the show. But, unlike the previous year, the company was not so strong. However, Sony still managed to keep victorious by showing off its best strength in the greatest weakness of Microsoft.

Number One Since 2013

First, the talent of Sony for stagecraft never damages anything. It was obvious from the start where the sitar player started up underneath the lighted waterfall. Another one is when zombies started crawling from the stage.

However, the stagecraft will have no effect unless they have games backing it up. And Sony successfully reproduced its nonstop bombardment of game trailers arrangement. It started with “Uncharted”, then “Horizon Zero Dawn”, and followed by “Days Gone”. In total, there were several surprises.

The company has managed to stay on the number 1 spot at E3 almost by default ever since 2013. Sony won on price in 2013. In 2014, it won with a momentum of sales. And ever since, Sony won with its exclusives.

However, without a doubt, Microsoft also gave a good show. The company effectively debuted its little Xbox One, the strongest console ever made. However, its hardware does not show up well on stage. Also, Microsoft is lacking a good exclusive in order for them to tie with Sony.

E3 is not About Winning

Whoever won E3 doesn’t really mean that they have the best platform. At the end of the day, E3 is just a show, that over the years, has grown more consumer-facing. Sony gets that. The company’s steady exclusives gave support to keep E3 moving with the persistent pace Sony prefers.

Microsoft had a lot to love especially with its backwards compatibility, which is a surprise announcement. This is a category where Sony shows weakness. Yet again, it is all about the show. And Sony continues in the top position of being capableof reminding players that PS4 is a great console, instead of convincing them.

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