Finding Free Wi-Fi Spots on Airports  


It’s difficult to remember a time before Wi-Fi much less a time before internet. When was the last time we would entertain ourselves with the company of other people rather than with our smartphones? As technology improves, so does the accessibility of wireless internet connections or Wi-Fi.

And as much as we deny ourselves the fact that we are always on the urge of asking airport staff their Wi-Fi passwords, we always end up asking them one way or another. So it is only a matter of time before someone created an interactive map of several airports around the world with its Wi-Fi passwords.

Interactive Map

According to Mashable, Anil Polat, computer and security engineer, travel blogger and Wi-Fi extraordinaire, understands the daily struggle and frustration of passengers sitting there without Wi-Fi, so he created an interactive and comprehensive map around the world, highlighting several airports together with its Wi-Fi passwords.

He keeps the map regularly updated just in case they change, for your convenience and enjoyment, keeping the passwords in detail and adding several ones in other airports around the world. The interactive map, is straightforward and directly portrayed, making it user-friendly with less hassle as possible.

The map consists of airplane icons intricately plotted on airports, if you click on one of them, the name of the airport, the location of the Wi-Fi and its password will appear. It also includes specific directions to find the Wi-Fi Spot in order to avoid confusions and problems. Now instead of asking, you can just sit there and click the icon that corresponds to your location. Talk about easy access!

So say goodbye to pesky data charges from your phone and the boredom of sitting there with nothing to do.

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