DOJ and Apple Appeal

To no one’s surprise, the Department of Justice is planning to appeal the ruling from a New York Federal court in February 2015 stating that they could not force Apple to unlock encrypted iPhone 5S. This was after the shooting in California. The real issue in this is, of course, control versus personal liberty and privacy.


The case has gained popularity due to the two radical issues, privacy versus national security for the United States. If the DOJ does find a sympathetic judge, the question becomes will the government take into account the needs and wants of the majority of the citizens of the United States or does it feel above the law? Considering the tensions of society at war with itself and the corruptness in various governmental departments, it is doubtful if the DOJ will find a judge to help them out, especially in the last part of an election year.

Apple has a firm position that the government should not force the unlocking of electronic technology such as iPhones. The information on them is private and the question of rights and security responsibilities come into play. Apple has a great reputation for keeping safe the intellectual property as well as security issues for their products. This case could go on for a long time between the courts and both sides being polarized further. At least it is drawing awareness to the security and privacy issues that exist with the use of today’s technology.

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