Google Wi-Fi Bests Other Routers In Third Party Firm Test


A new battle has been launched in the market for routers of different sorts, all vying for an approval based on its features. Amidst the ongoing battle, Google has already declared victory, thanks to its new system of mesh networking, also known as Google Wi-Fi.

One known competitor is the $299 – Surround Wi-Fi system with a set of three routers, the Luma. A second, and one that could be a winner in terms of price at $199 and being high-end, is the Eero. Availing of this said router system would entail shelling out $349 for a set of 2, and a hundred and fifty dollars more for a set of three.

With the Google Wi-Fi however, prices start at a meagre $129, and goes only as high as $299 for a set of three, and this would suffice for a 400+ square yard home. For the testing phase of Google WiFi, they tapped Allion USA, and this testing was done using 2 units from each of the competing brands, in a 2-story, 333-square yard home.

The partner firm then took the speeds of these routers with respect to various locations at home. Among the three tested brands, Google Wi-Fi, indeed bested them all, with speeds ranging from 50 to 75% faster. At the 2nd floor room, the mesh networking system was faster by more than 20 Mbps than Luma, and quintuple times faster than Eero.

While certain locations in the house registered similar speeds for all three, Google Wi-Fi was the clear winner at farther areas. Part of the features of their mesh networking system are strong amplifiers and antennas that help to greatly amplify gain.

While further testing may still be necessary, this trial has proved Google Wi-Fi to be one of the best in the market.

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