The New LG V-10:What’s the Big Deal?

When LG made the announcement that they would be releasing a new, ultra-premium line of handsets, they weren’t fooling around. As the debut device for LG’s V series, the V10 is loaded with nearly all the perks found in other high end flagship devices, plus some extras. Unlike many of LG’s other devices, the V10 isn’t geared toward a broad audience, but instead is meant to appeal to a smaller, more elite niche; particularly those who will make use of the manual video controls that the V10 offers.

The V10 is a monster when it comes to size, with a 5.7 inch main display, but while some weight is expected in a handset this size, it isn’t actually as heavy as it looks – 6.77 oz. Given the size, not everyone will love the V10 because it doesn’t fit well in many pockets and one handed use is difficult unless you have a large grip. Aside from the size however, the V10’s looks are among the best that LG has ever created. That familiar plastic feel of most LG phones is replaced with rubber coating that gives the phone a sort of grippy texture; a big improvement over the slippery shell of the G4’s.  This new series of smartphones has given LG a wide berth to experiment with their handsets.

Although the V10 sports many great features, such as 2 front facing cameras, a fingerprint reader, a removable battery, and expandable storage, the cameras are definitely the show stoppers. The camera app is as close to perfect as a phone camera can be. Automatic modes are perfect for casual users, paring down setting choices to only the most essential. The manual mode however, gives granular control over nearly every aspect of the photo, there is even a manual focus option. Gone are the blurry, unrecognizable cell phone pictures of the past. The V10 gives clear, vibrant photos with the proper color gradient and clarity. The same is true for the video, with even distant objects recording clearly. The amazing thing about the cameras is that they perform well even in low light.

As with everything, there is a down side however. The price tag for the V10 is somewhat steep at between $600 and $700. If the extras aren’t something that you will use regularly, the price may not be worth it. For those who have to have the perfect selfies or a separate screen to access apps, the V10 is everything that you could ask for in an oversized smartphone.

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