3 Reasons The New Nokia Android Phones Will Beat Apple And Samsung


Nokia used to be the most prominent name in the phone industry. If one was to hear mobile phones, one was to quickly associate it to Nokia. The company maintained a very good reputation for years, making mobile phones a necessity in 21st century earth. It is comparable to the success that Apple and Samsung are experiencing now.

However, the ride was bumped with tons of challenges, and climaxed in the entrance of Apple and Android in the market. Nokia suffered the same fate as Blackberry, as newer and trendier and user friendly phone devices slowly creeped in the pockets of the people.

By the years 2007 to 2012, Nokia, together with Blackberry was doomed for failure. Nokia haven’t given up the fight as they still pursued their quest to diversify themselves, hence releasing the Windows Phone. But then again, it was a total failure.

To lighten things up with the reality, here are some of the reasons why Nokia is still technically living up to this day.

  1. The Nokia Brand is Still Living

If one was to check out the internet and search using the word “Nokia”, there will still be a host of various information about it – reviews, blogposts, and more.

Despite the seeming death of the brand, Nokia still maintains the same reputation that it had back in its glory days. It was the epitome of mobile revolution and it made our lives during the beginning of the century to be easier.

  1. Nokia Aces the Design Field

Nokia is known to innovate, design, and introduce to the market various phones of various shapes and sizes, proving that its designs are the taste of the general public. The company knows very well how to make manmade marvels that will surely capture the attention of people. In short, it makes phones that “stand out” among others.

The whole Lumia propaganda was a success if one was to only look at the efforts of Nokia. In terms of its design, it still relieves its glory days while having a robust and outlandish design. The only downturn was its software, due to their alliance with Microsoft.



  1. Nokia is a Legendary Innovator.

Nokia is a master of camera technology and overall phone design. It was the pioneer in introducing to the market the whole concept of “camera phones”, the PureView technology being a concrete proof of its mastery in the field.

To sum it all up, a world without Nokia would surely be a duller place to live in. Based on rumors, Nokia is up to make a grand re entry into the market with new Nokia Android phones.



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