Purella Aims to be One of the Top Super Food Company


Polish start-up Purella Food is determined to promote chlorella and it’s outfitting itself with a vast arrangement of “superfood” products for the battle. Established a little more than a year back, Purella Food as of now has three product ranges containing its Korean-sourced chlorella including snack bars and Greendox fiber detox shakes.

Smoothies, a sports bar and raw confectionery balls were likewise part of the organization’s huge plans in the future to convey the microalgae to the Polish masses.“Our main aim and what we are trying to do is to focus on PR and communication and education to build awareness of chlorella. We want to be the top-of-mind superfood company in Poland,” according to Purella Food’s sales and marketing manager ArturGajewski.

Social media has had significant impacts in the company’s strategy, with more than 10,000 likes won on Facebook as of late.The company plans to be profitable before the end of its second year, he said, yet meanwhile, all assets were being coordinated with PR and communication efforts and the extension of its portfolio.


One such item dispatch came in March this year when the Warsaw-based company uncovered its raw Chlorella Natural Energy Bar range.

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