God of War Will Be Released in Early 2018

The new installment of the famous “God of War” game is in the making. However, the new “God of War” seems to be different from the previous games.

Instead of the animalistic character, Kratos seems to be more parental, gentler, and softer in the latest “God of War” trailer which was shown at E3. The trailer also shows Kratos wielding an axe instead of his famous “Chain Blades”. The gameplay trailer that was shown by Sony during its E3 gave the fans a taste of the primitive combat.

Another Chance to be a Father

The story of the rebooted “God of War” somewhat re-imagined the origin of Kratos. Kratos is usually steered by his family’s death. On the other hand, the new “God of War” shows him put in a role of a single father that is nurturing his son. He is the protector and the mentor to Atreus. Unlike the previous games where Kratos travels the world alone, the new “God of War” seems to be a training session for Kratos’ son.The role seems to be more active for the son of Kratos. The young kid appears to be more defiant, confident, and more of an integrity for his father.

A Whole New World

It appears that Kratos leftthe columns and marbles of Greece and the Gods that ruled the place. The new setting seems to be located in snow-covered woods and following the Pre-Viking Norse mythology.The game also added an importance on exploration and discovery. The new “God of War” world will definitely bring gamers to explore every corner of the amazing landscape.

Still, expect the new game to be filled with a lot of beasts and unending combat. Players will also be closer to the action than before. This is because of the new over the shoulder free camera that the game features. There will also be a new weapon, which is an axe. Expect new abilities that preserve the true spirit of “God of War”.

The “father and son adventure” atmosphere really looks amazing. However, there are more details that are not yet revealed. All we know is that Kratos and his son are exploring new places. Places that are ruled by new Gods in which Kratos will probably take down. Yet, 2018 is still a long time. This means that people have more time to hypothesize.

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