The 4th Industrial Revolution: How AI Works for Robots of the Future

The world is indeed fast changing. And with every day that passes by, a new technological breakthrough happens, bringing us closer to blurring the line between robotic and human existence.

Since the early 1960’s, the machines that are used by companies today have become smaller and arguably, safer. They also have become better at multitasking things, making them more productive in almost all given task.

All of these improvements and technological progress clearly shows that automation is the future of humanity. However, a new industrial revolution is already happening, and this will surely revolutionize almost all aspects of human living.

Industry 4.0

Most people refer to it as the 4th industrial revolution, or the Industry 4.0. This revolution is all about robots that do not only have the physical power but the intellectual capability as well.

These new robots incorporate their prowess in physical tasks with that of their logical brain functions, making them “think” while they work. This is one of the factors why most hi-tech companies in first-world countries are in need of a major reorganization, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Throughout the decades, technological advancements dealt more on mechanization. However this time, it will deal more on cognition, made possible, then again, by artificial intelligence.

Thinking Robots are a Necessity

With the help of AI, today’s robots can work more productively in a wider set of tasks. There are a lot of concepts and theories that talks about how “thinking robots” can destroy life on Earth.

However, this is not the real case. If AI is just used properly on the right kinds of robots, these would be very helpful in driving greater improvement in productivity of work.

It will also help in reducing costs, helping the economy to grow even more. In short, robots that are packed with artificial intelligence are a necessity. They are the future of humanity.

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Are We On The Brink Of A Robot Revolution?

MIT has just unveiled to the world that the world we live in is indeed the world of the future where robots would most likely live among us.

MIT reveals to the world what their newly developed robots that are capable of swimming underwater have. Surprisingly, it is even also said to feature invisibility capabilities.

Based on reports, these new robots are harmless. These could even mimic how jellyfishes and sharks move.

Invisible Robots Might Come Sooner than You Think

According to reports, these robots are made from hydrogel. Hydrogel is a new material that is currently under development. It has a rubbery surface due to the water-based materials that it is made of.

The gel of the robots is said to be made of 90 percent water. What this means is that these kinds of robots are inexpensive and can easily blend in an aquatic environment.

With the help of 3D printing and laser technology, the developers were able to mold the gel and turn them into hollow and ultra-light structures, thus becoming the skeleton of the robots. These robots are then pumped with water so that their bodies can be stretched enough, just like how jellyfishes swim under the seas.

Reports also suggest that these robots also have a hand that is made of gel that can easily grab fishes. With this, it is very clear that technology is indeed improving in a very fast pace.

The Implications of Developments in Robotics

The recent developments made in MIT would surely usher in a new period of unrivalled technological growth, specifically in the area of robotics. This will also help in mimicking human tissue that can also be used in medical procedures that might one day extend the life expectancy rate of humans.

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‘GTA 5 Online’ Reported to be Cause of Game Franchise’s Decline in Popularity


“GTA 5 Online” is the recent development of Rockstar Games with its most recent GTA game franchise. However, it is reported that this is the cause of the game’s decrease in popularity.

It had already been more than three years since the release of “GTA 5”. But up until this point, there is still no information as to when its sequel will be released.

“Grand Theft Auto V”, which is also known as “GTA 5” for short, is a game that is developed by Rockstar Games. It has an open world action-adventure type of gameplay.

No Word Yet

Having been released way back in 2013, there is still no official confirmation that it will have another sequel. With this, there are numerous reports that players are already not that enticed with the game. This is after the game introduced Shark Cards.

The newly introduced feature enables the players to spend real money in exchange for the GTA Dollars. This allows bunch of   upgrades as well as reputation improvements.

Worth the Wait

There are also reports that points out to the fact that “GTA 6” is very expensive to develop and produce. According to Neurogadget, Rockstar Games spent a whopping $265 million on the development and marketing of “Grand Theft Auto 5”.

Now that “Grand Theft Auto 6” is very much expected to be capable of VR and AR, it makes perfect sense for the budget to skyrocket. It might be that the company would be spending a minimum of $300 million for the game.

To put things into perspective, the smartest thing to do is to just wait, if ever the game pushes through with the “GTA 6” sequel on 2020.

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LG And Samsung In Partnership Over LCD Panel Supply Deal


LG has just went into a partnership deal with its well-known rival, Samsung. Hopefully, this deal will result to a productive endeavor between the two electronic companies.

LG has just entered a deal with Samsung, to supply them with LCD panels. This deal will take effect immediately this year. LG Display is also the main supplier of panel screen to Apple. Now, LG will replace Sharp as the company’s supplier.

Rivals Combine Powers

This partnership deal will be a historic feat as these two companies are two of the fiercest South Korean rivals. Never before have had the two companies used each other’s screen panels.

Sakai Display is under the supervision of Sharp and Foxconn. With it, the supply of LCD screens to the other companies has decreased. This would then cause a potential TV panel supply shortage if the trend continues. Another negative result would be increasing TV prices.

LG and Samsung Set Aside their Differences

With this being said, it makes perfect sense for LG and Samsung to combine forces. With their supply deal, the two rival companies can benefit from each other.

Hopefully, this will create a more competitive and innovative TV and electronic industry. LG and Samsung would surely rise to the top if the two  would lend each other a helping hand.

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Chromebooks Will Now Have Android Apps


Google has just announced that all the new Chromebooks that will be launched this year will all run Android.

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What to Expect With the iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Feature


The iPhone 8 will soon launch by the later part of this year. With it, rumors about its much awaited facial recognition feature is swirling everywhere.

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Apple’s iPhone 8 Will Be Capable Of Long-Range Wireless Charging


Apple is indeed proving to the world that it is the leading innovator in gadgets and tech devices. With the new iPhone 8 coming in a few months from now, the hype is surely building up through time.

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Xbox Bosses Unsure on Scorpio and E3 Release Dates

Microsoft bosses might be giving out details regarding the gaming consoles in June this year. Phil Spencer, boss for the Xbox has reached out to Xbox Fans on Twitter.

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Galaxy Note 7 flight warnings could now be ceased by Airline Companies


At this point, a lot may be tired of hearing warnings for owners of Galaxy Note 7 units. If you are, there’s some good news for you. Announcing of pre-flight reminders regarding the said unit could come to a halt today.

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Apple Determined to Deliver with Mac 2017

Multiple sources are reporting about a better Apple MacBook Pro and/or the iMac 2017. This  follows the recent unveiling of the much-lauded chipsets.The long-rumored update to the Apple’s iMac has been subject to a slew of speculations.

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