Instagram Introduces Two Brand New Features  


Instagram just introduced two new updates for their app which is made available right after updating the said application. These two new features include a “Live Video” feature and a “Disappearing Photo and Video” feature. A lot of avid Instagrammers and users of the app are really excited for the release of this new feature since it improves their favorite app.


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Preventive Measures for Galaxy Smartphone Malfunctioning Underway



Just recently, reports have been received on other Galaxy S7 devices, such as the S7 Edge and the S7 have exploded and caught fire just like the Note 7. Manufacturing of the Note 7 has ceased in October this year after failure to find a way to get rid of the risk of explosion.



iPhone 8 Rumored to Adapt Flip Phone Design  


Recent rumours have highly suggested that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a hinged display. Other rumours go further, saying that Apple’s new fold could be folded over two times. These rumours come after the filings for the patent were released to the public. It is also suggested that the company is going to adapt something modelled after a former phone giant, Motorola, the original makers of the clamshell phone.


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Nintendo 3DS Launched Two New Pokemon Games  


Japanese company and developer, Nintendo has one again launched a brand new Pokemon game, which follows the series. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the latest addition to the most famous anthology of Pokemon games. The new Pokemon game series was launched four months after the release of Pokemon Go. A lot of diehard Pokemon fans are really excited for this game for it is a new addition to their games.


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Huawei Announces Brand New Phone


Following the release of their flagship phone called Mate 9, and another release of the same series with a high end touch called Mate 9 Pro, Huawei announces a brand new phone, called Mate 9 Lite. Mate 9 Lite is a low end version of the Mate 9 Pro. Patrons of Huawei are really excited for this release, because they can now choose a variety of phones, fit for their lifestyle and budget.
Huawei Mate 9 Lite.



Google’s New App Named PhotoScan Lets You Restore Old Photos  


Google just leveled up the playing field in photo scanning as it releases a brand new app called PhotoScan. The new app basically transforms or restores your old prints and photographs and restores it like a brand new photo. PhotoScan, which Android and iOS users can now download, gives you the opportunity to restore your photos by means of scanning multiple photos at the same time.  A lot of people are happy with this app because of its easy use for it doesn’t even require a registration and is free for all.


, Google+

Facebook And Google To Take Action On Fake News Websites  


Two of the most famous and major websites, Facebook and Google, recently pledged to stop and take immediate action regarding advertising fake news websites. This call for action sprouted due to the accusation these two websites have received during the United States election time.


, WhatsApp

Video Calls To Be Soon Launched By WhatsApp  


With its growing popularity of being a widely used messaging app, WhatsApp hopes to compete with already settled and famous applications such as FaceTime and Skype. This means that they will finally launch a Video Call feature in the near time. This feature will be made available to all Android, iOS and even Windows Phone users. Avid users of the app are getting excited as this feature can open a lot of new possibilities for them.



Samsung To Release Own AI Assistant


During an interview with Reuters, Samsung confirmed that they are going to release their very own AI assistance starting with the upcoming Galaxy S8, the company’s mobile flagship series.



Microsoft Releases The ‘Studio’, Its First Desktop Computer


According to Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president for Windows and design, the upcoming desktop computer of the company to be much more immersive and easy to use than most computers. With its release, the iMac and the Macbook of Apple are threatened that they have finally competition.